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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fruit Juice in a cup business

Fruit Juice in a cup business nowadays is about a trend in my city. Merely in several area we can find this stall doing this business. Things that you should have or prepare if you are going to start this business are:
1. Several blender machine and to be honest the blender must be from middle end and high technology related with juice quality and lifetime of the machine itself consider of using hour/operation/production to blend for each blender machine.
2. Cup Sealing Machine. Why must be sealed? This is related with a practical using for buyer.
3. Ice Box.
4. Water container.
5. Fruit Display.
6. Price list and menu board
7. Banner of the savour of fruit.
The last three is about marketing mix.
And the production ingredients or stuff for production:
1. Fruit itself off course.
2. Condensed milk.
3. Sugar.
4. Ice cube.
5. Other stuff as well that suitable, tasty and delicious if mixed with fruit juice.

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